call: anthropology of governance, ecological transition, and collaborative research in the alps

The TransAlp research project aims to explore and formalize concepts, methods, and tools for collective action towards ecological transition in the Alps. Moreover, it would reflect on the role that applied social research can play in engaging citizens in face of the current crisis we are navigating in. For this reason, we would like to constitute a working group that will meet on a regular basis to discuss the role of ethnographic research within governance processes and interventions in the public sphere. The group will be composed of 10 to 12 people interested in applied research, participatory methods, and the involvement of populations in public policies, and it will train itself, in a peer-to-peer logic, on the research and intervention perspectives of the TransAlp project. The members of the group will work in close collaboration with the project’s research team and will receive help from the scientific support of an ad hoc committee composed of experts in the history, culture, and institutions of the Alpine space. Later, some members of this working group will be involved in the following phases of the project, by carrying out the ethnographic research envisaged in the comparative framework that drives the project. 

The languages used in this working group will be either English, French, or Italian. Every participant is expected to understand at least two of them.

Below you will find the text of the call:

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